Barnsley 2019-2020 Doncaster League Fixtures and Match Results

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Fixture Date Event Home Team Score Away Team Report
Tue 10 Sep 2019Doncaster LeagueCatholic Club B0-0Barnsley No
Wed 18 Sep 2019Doncaster League3 Horseshoes0-0Barnsley No
Wed 25 Sep 2019HandicapDons B0-0Barnsley No
Tue 01 Oct 2019HandicapBarnsley0-0Barnby Dun No
Wed 09 Oct 2019Bell TrophyDons A0-0Barnsley No
Tue 15 Oct 2019Bell TrophyBarnsley0-03 Horseshoes No
Wed 23 Oct 2019Doncaster LeagueDons A0-0Barnsley No
Tue 29 Oct 2019Doncaster LeagueCatholic Club A0-0Barnsley No
Tue 05 Nov 2019HandicapBarnsley0-0Dons B No
Tue 12 Nov 2019HandicapBarnsley0-0Catholic Club A No
Tue 19 Nov 2019Bell TrophyBarnsley0-0Dons A No
Tue 26 Nov 2019Bell TrophyCatholic Club A0-0Barnsley No
Thu 05 Dec 2019Doncaster LeagueBarnby Dun0-0Barnsley No
Tue 10 Dec 2019Doncaster LeagueBarnsley 0-0Catholic Club B No
Tue 17 Dec 2019KO Cup PrelimBarnsley0-0Catholic Club B No
Tue 07 Jan 2020HandicapBarnsley0-03 Horseshoes No
Wed 15 Jan 2020HandicapDons A0-0Barnsley No
Tue 21 Jan 2020Bell TrophyBarnsley0-0Barnby Dun No
Tue 28 Jan 2020Bell TrophyCatholic Club B0-0Barnsley No
Tue 04 Feb 2020Doncaster LeagueBarnsley0-03 Horseshoes No
Tue 11 Feb 2020Doncaster LeagueBarnsley0-0Dons B No
Thu 20 Feb 2020HandicapBarnby Dun0-0Barnsley No
Tue 25 Feb 2020HandicapCatholic Club A0-0Barnsley No
Wed 04 Mar 2020Bell Trophy3 Horseshoes0-0Barnsley No
Tue 10 Mar 2020Bell TrophyBarnsley0-0Catholic Club B No
Tue 17 Mar 2020KO Cup Semi FinalTBC0-0TBC No
Tue 24 Mar 2020Doncaster LeagueBarnsley0-0Catholic Club A No
Tue 31 Mar 2020Doncaster LeagueBarnsley0-0Barnby Dun No
Wed 08 Apr 2020Handicap3 Horseshoes0-0Barnsley No
Tue 14 Apr 2020HandicapBarnsley0-0Dons A No
Thu 23 Apr 2020Bell TrophyBarnby Dun0-0Barnsley No
Thu 28 Apr 2020Bell TrophyBarnsley0-0Catholic Club A No
Tue 05 May 2020KO Cup FinalTBC0-0TBC No