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Here are some links to external chess sites you may find useful, favoured by our members.

These links include local and world-wide chess organisations and links to other forms of chess.
Find sites where you can play free online chess games and internet chess or study chess videos to improve your play. Locate sites where you can find the laws of chess, chess tournaments and the latest chess news. Browse book reviews, stores selling chess books, chess sets, other chess equipment and chess magazines.

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Link Description
FIDE World Chess Federation (includes laws of chess)
ECF English Chess Federation
YCA Yorkshire Chess Association
YCA Grading List Yorkshire Chess Association Grading List
SDCA Sheffield and District Chess Association
FICS Free Internet Chess Server
Gameknot Free Online Chess
ICC Internet Chess Club Radio with videos
IECC International Email Chess Club
BCPS British Chess Problem Society
BCCA British Correspondance Chess Association
Jeremy Silman Jeremy Silman Book Reviews
Chess Direct Online Chess Catalogue and Shop
TWIC The Week in Chess Online Chess Magazine
Chessbase Chess Database
Knowledge4IT Ending Database using Nalimov Endgame Tablebases
ChessBaron Chess Sets
Car Games Chess Chess History and More